Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Best High School Homeschool Website

Have you ever Shmooped?  You may be asking if this is a new dance move or something, but no, Shmoop is a website that offers some wonderful things for high school homeschoolers. 

Kids can prepare for the SAT for free or pay $30 for an awesome yearly membership to a SAT program that pre-tests , post-tests, and gives them exactly the review they need.  The best thing is it makes everything very amusing and fun.

We also love to watch the short Schmoop videos of classic books or Shakespearean plays.  My girls watch these on their own time, they love them so much.  The videos are so sarcastic and humorous, they help you to remember the plot of the story.  These are especially great if you read something that alludes to a classical work and you want your child to have some knowledge of it, but you don't have time to read it just now.

Schmoop also offers a free Driver's Education program that prepares your student for the test in your state.  It is fun and snarky, so you will get no complaints about it being boring.

There are lots of other great things on Shmoop.  Try it today.  Your kids will thank you.  By the way I am in no way affiliated with or payed by Shmoop.  These are my own real feelings about this website.

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