Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easy Way to Learn Ten Commandments

When I wanted to teach the children at our mission the ten commandments, I looked high and low for an easy way to do it.  Most of the kids we worked with were unchurched, and I needed to make it relevant and fun for them to learn.  I stumbled across a way to remember the commandments with the number, and then I tweaked it for my own use.  Definitely go over the traditional wording for the commandments with the kids, but then use these for easier understanding and remembering.
Now almost all of the kids at the mission can say their ten commandments, even my four year old.  Hopefully this will help other kids too!
1.)  God is number one.
2.) Two gods are not okay.
3.) Be careful with God's three names.  (God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit)
4.) Worship and rest is what Sunday is for.
5.) Honor your mom and dad to stay five alive.
6.) Don't put anyone six feet under.
7.) Keep your marriage promise seven days a week.
8.) Don't steal like the apple Aladdin ate.
9.) Don't lie and say you're nine if you're not.
10.) Don't put anybody else's stuff on your top ten list.
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